Victoria St. revitalization is a fiasco

Local resident seeks better clarification and public information regarding the Victoria Street revitalization.

Why was the public not better informed as to the exact plan for Victoria Street?  We refer in particular to the new one-way street on part of Cedar Avenue, no right turns onto Victoria Street from Pine Avenue and Cedar Avenue, etc.

All that was mentioned in a rather vague way was the revitalization of Victoria Street.

The concrete “jut outs” are going to be a nightmare to negotiate around and in winter the streets will be narrowed further by the snow piled up on the sides of these monstrosities.

It seems that we will lose some parking spots, especially in the area of the Credit Union, Trail Times, etc. on Cedar Avenue. We can ill afford to lose any parking in the downtown core.

All this is costing a mint when that money should have been put toward a second bridge–one that will accommodate cars.

We shudder to think of the traffic pileup that will be created if there is any kind of incident on the “new” bridge or anywhere in that area.

Of course there was a need to upgrade infrastructure on Victoria Street including sidewalks and curbs, but whoever dreamed up this whole endeavor did not have much knowledge of traffic flow in this town.

Kay Oliphant