View of Rosslanders off the mark

My husband and I have bee living in Rossland for 13 years now and enjoying every minute of it.

The reason we moved here from Québec was that Rossland offered us all the things we love to do (skiing, riding, golfing, hiking) so close by. And certainly not because Trail or Trail people were not nice. I go to Trail, once or twice a week to go shopping, to go walking to Gyro Park, along the river close to the airport, and I walked Antenna Trail already three times this season.

My friends and I find those places beautiful. Don’t you Mr. Thompson?

We are ordinary people, living in a very ordinary house also living on a tight budget. So you see Mr. Thompson, you too could live up here, it’s open to anyone. And one last advice, think before you write and write only about what you know.

Suzanne Paquin