Voice your concern over smart meters

FortisBC plans to seek approval from B.C. Utilities Commission to implement mandatory wireless smart meters for its Kootenay customers.

FortisBC plans to seek approval from  B.C. Utilities Commission sometime this fall to implement mandatory wireless smart meters for its 166,00 plus customers in the Okanagan and Kootenays.

Changes to our electricity supply require proper, independent oversight protection provided by the B.C. Utilities Commission as the  regulatory body with the responsibility to safeguard our interests. Its function is to review and approve a business plan and provide hearings for public input.

If given approval FortisBC customers can look forward to wireless smart meters that produce radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (REF).

Unlike cell phones and other wireless devices smart meters are not optional and cannot be turned off. They radiate 24/7.

The World Health Organization has classified all REF emissions as possibly carcinogenic.

This radiation penetrates all living things. Human bodies make ideal antennas. For people who are already electrically sensitive it is going to be a living nightmare.

We will be receiving constant radiation from not only our own meter but from our neighbours’ and from the collector tower somewhere in the neighbourhood.

Scientists have found that the more prolonged the exposure received, the greater the risks of developing ill-health effects. We all have the potential of becoming electrically sensitive if we have long term exposure. FortisBC is mandating a recognized carcinogen to be added to our homes.

FortisBC has alternatives to the wireless smart meter. Itron, the manufacturer, clearly states that the utility company is free to choose the method of connection.

Idaho has chosen hard-wired smart meters that cost less, use the same power lines already in place, with no extra cost for new infrastructure and no health risks.

Those of us that are FortisBC customers still have time to make our voices heard.

Demand that the B.C.Utilities Commission (commission.secretary@bcuc.com) notify you when FortisBC submits its application and then send your concerns to them to be placed in the public record.

Demand safe technology. Demand wired meters!  Sign the online petition at www.citizensforsafetechnoloby.org.

Send your concerns to your local MLA.

Together, FortisBC customers have the power to stop this!

Linda Louise