Volunteers plan Easter dinner

The volunteers at Kate Kitchen are in the process of to organizing a dinner for the needy at Easter.

Now the reason we doing this is that many volunteers feel they have too much and others have very little — even very basic nutrition.

The other reason is because they love cooking (thank-you to editor Tracy Gilchrist for mentioning in her Valentine’s column how I say nourishing somebody else is love. God says feed the starving (dare da mangiare agli affamati). These volunteers give their love in different ways – donating their time for the love of cooking.

At Easter should, we not only celebrate tradition, but also it’s associated with helping those that have very little. To achieve this, we should love those in need.

We should reflect on good health and the abundance economically of some, but should be a balance between and the science of nutrition. Modern science and nutritionists achieve virtues with the help of Mother Nature and the laborious cultivation by hand and mind with the help of the “Above.”

The spirit of Easter refers to someone who knows that life is a wonderful gift.

Even in the face of these difficult times, we should to alleviate the spirits of those in need, recognize the wonder and beauty of our own lives and see it in the others, too.

Recognize those who give us the commodity to enjoy the freedom and the beauty of this country, which is denied to most in this modern world.

We should be aware, as much poverty is in this modern world, especially unrest politically in countries fighting for freedom where people are denied the dignity of living.

The dignity of poverty should involve all of us not only the few, the generosity toward those in need should change the attitude of some and to respond the needs of others. This should be our goal on the Easter Season (dare per ricevere).

God looks after us in a different ways.

This is the menu for the needy for Easter by the volunteers: roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, baked ham, mashed potatoes and veggies, assorted salads, buns and butter, assorted desserts, coffee, tea, juice and lots of smiles.

Happy Easter to you all and God bless you all – from all the volunteers at Kate’s Kitchen.

Dino Santarossa


What we do for ourself dies

With us – what we do for

Others remains and

Is immortal.

— Albert Pike