Vote ‘yes’ for walking bridge

Local resident reminds readers that it's a walking bridge or no bridge at all.

I recently wrote a Letter to the Editor (Referendum needed on bridge, Trail Times, May 7) in which I questioned the feasibility of utilizing the old bridge as a walking bridge while still providing access to emergency vehicles in the event of a total closure of the Victoria Street Bridge.

Since that letter appeared in the Trail Times, the city has obviously made the decision based on their engineering studies that there is no alternative but total demolition of the old bridge.

Apparently no engineering firm will deem this bridge as safe to use, either as a walking bridge or as an emergency vehicle bridge.

A petition requesting that we keep the old bridge was circulated and received the required number of signatures to force the city to resort to a referendum if they want to proceed with the construction of a walking bridge.

This leaves the citizens of Trail with only one option. We must vote “yes” when the city goes to referendum on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

A walking bridge as opposed to no bridge is really not debatable. The walking suspension bridge will be constructed at no cost to the citizens.  Remember when you vote – the choice of a walking bridge or absolutely no bridge. Please vote “yes” for construction of a walking bridge.

As to the future referendum for a new library and museum, again please vote “yes.”

Lynn Gould,