‘What is Greater Trail greater than?’

Fruitvale resident questions the meaning behind the term 'Greater Trail'.

I have a problem and I hope you can fix it.

I have noticed that your city is frequently designated as Greater Trail.

My problem is that I do not know and cannot determine what Greater Trail is greater than.

Greater is a comparative, which means it must have a single source: simply Trail, perhaps.

Or does it go back to Tiny Trail ? And then Simple Trail and then Great Trail and now Greater Trail; and God willing it will become Greatest Trail and even Stupendous Magnificent Super-dooper Humongous Trail.

May we now kneel or bow in abject love and devotion?

Thank you.

But now a word of caution!

There are other places which are content to dwell in single simplicity. Rossland, Warfield, Montrose, Beaver Falls, Fruitvale have no aspirations to either Greatness or Greaterness.

Certainly not Greaterness because each need not visualize a state of being in which it is greater than something else. Nor does it care.

In our contentedness in being simply – whatever, we do not wish to be invaded by some greedy monster which is seeking Greatest Humongonerity at our expense.

Which brings me back, Mr. Editor, to my original question. What is Greater Trail greater than?

Garwood Russell

Fruitvale B.C.

Editor’s note:

Greater Trail is a term used to describe Trail and its surrounding communities (Rossland, Warfield, Montrose, Fruitvale and RDKB areas A and B.