Why I am voting ‘No’

"Any council that has faced two petitions in one year indicates that they have lost touch with the electorate"

Trail city council has denied me and all electorates in this city the right to vote for what we want. I think it is wrong and the only way I can see that that right be restored is by “voting No” to the new pedestrian bridge on Aug. 23.

Council, based on a non-scientific survey, (note – did not include rehabilitation of old bridge) decided for all of us that they are going to build a pedestrian bridge. They first tried to do it by slipping it through the Alternative Approval Process.

Fortunately, 1,200+ people signed a petition for the right to a vote (thank you). And this was not the first petition this council faced in the last year. Any council that has faced two petitions in one year indicates that they have lost touch with the electorate and should step back and take stock. But no, what did they do?

They acted like a bunch of loud and arrogant schoolyard bullies and tried to discredit and intimidate the people who stood up for democracy. One even made statements that indicated that he did not even understand what democracy was all about. And they are “our” elected officials – shame, shame on you.

And now what do we get bombarded with – a super expensive “sell the new pedestrian bridge campaign.”

How much is this campaign costing? Newspaper advertising, TV advertising, glossy brochures. Plus, all the staff time for writing brochures, newspaper ads, social media and letters, appearing on television ads and social media. Wow! If it is such a good deal, ask yourself – why the “big sell”? Oh, I forgot, in case of an emergency, there will be a four track. Holy cow – I’m impressed. How many people will that transport? Two – one sitting and one lying down.

My personal opinion is that this bridge is very short-sighted and we should have a full bridge (pedestrian/biking/driving). However, we, as citizens should have the right to vote on:

(1)    No bridge

(2)    New pedestrian bridge

(3)    Rehabilitation of Old Bridge including new piers

(4)    New Driving/Pedestrain/Biking Bridge.

For them to tell us that all discussion is off the table and this is our only option is outright wrong. Have our politicians forgotten who they are serving?

Thus, I think we need to stand up and “vote No” so we can tell the city council what we, together, and by democratic vote, want.

Dina Esposito