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Leadership races both entering important phase

The Liberal and NDP races are both finally under way, but much of the work right now is behind the scenes, as candidates scramble to sign up new party members who will support them.

RCMP officer made a difference

Two weeks ago, I was on my way to a funeral at Mountain View Cemetery when I started having car problems just before getting there. I started pulling off the highway when an RCMP van saw my dilemma and pulled up behind with its lights on.

MP acknowledges error

I would like to thank Alan Wait of Grand Forks (Jan. 3 letter, MP’s Mailout ‘Totally Wrong’) for pointing out an error in a mail-out I sent to constituents which criticized the Harper government for only raising the Old Age Security (OAS) payments “by a measly $1.50 a year.”

Taxpayers bear burden of city’s decisions

The Jan. 10 letter to the editor, Bridge Referendum: Voters Beware. It was the most informative letter I have read in the Times.

Why MLAs don’t get more respect

People should admire politicians, be proud of them. They should have the support of their fellow citizens, who selected them in an election process.

Parents extend olive branch

Editor’s note: This letter was sent from Webster Elementary School’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) to the PACs at MacLean Elementary and Rossland Secondary.

Pesticides already highly regulated

Re: Jan. 13 story, Pesticide Bylaw Strangled In Red Tape
B.C. VIEWS: Recall descends into ugly farce

B.C. VIEWS: Recall descends into ugly farce

Support FSA tests: minister

The ability to read, write and solve math problems are vital skills every child needs in life.

Social ills tied to downtown’s problems

What kind of city are we living in?