Curbside voting at TMC an option for Trail residents

Available for referendum voters with trouble accessing facility

The revamping of the entrance to the Trail Memorial Centre is presenting physical challenges for those with mobility impairments, according to members of city council.

The problem of accessing the facility was the topic of discussion during the July 21 governance meeting, when Trail council expressed concern that voter turnout could be affected by this matter during the upcoming bridge referendum.

The venue will remain the McIntyre Room in the TMC on the Aug. 23 general voting day and during the advanced polls on Aug. 13 and Aug. 20, confirmed the city’s chief election officer.

However, curbside voting will be available on all those days for anyone with mobility issues, noted Michelle McIsaac.

That means if someone is brought to the voting place but can’t make their way into the facility, he or she can wait in the vehicle and election staff is notified.

“We will bring the ballot out to the vehicle and the voter can mark their ballot from there,” she added.

McIsaac reminds voters that parking stalls at the front of the Memorial Centre can be accessed by driving through the parking lot and around the back of the building.

Additionally, mail ballot voting is available for those with a physical disability, illness or injury that affects the ability to vote at a scheduled voting opportunity, or for those who expect to be absent from the community during advance voting or general voting day, and the city is currently receiving inquiries about this option.

The centre was chosen because the Trail Aquatic Centre will be closed for annual maintenance beginning Aug. 9 until Sept. 7 which negates the idea of voting in that facility’s more accessible multi-purpose room.

During the Nov. 15 municipal election, the Aquatic Centre is slated to be the voting venue for advanced polling and general voting day because it provides better parking and easier access for residents with mobility challenges.