Light up bridge campaign extends to walking bridge

Lights for new walking bridge will be programmed to match lights on Victoria St Bridge.

A bright endeavour has come to surface as the Victoria Street Bridge lighting project inches toward its $190,000 fundraising goal.

The new Columbia River crossing will also be lit up with programmable LEDs synchronized to match the older bridge’s colour-changing themes. While construction isn’t expected for months, plans are underway to illuminate the south end pedestrian bridge as part of the downtown bridge lighting attraction.

“The pedestrian/pipe bridge has provision within the budget for lighting,” confirmed David Perehudoff, Trail’s chief administrative officer, adding the city will tender both lighting projects as the same package.

“This should result in lower costs and also ensure that the lighting is consistent for the two bridges,” he added.

Anchoring the City of Trail with two uniquely-lit bridges comes with a $380,000 price tag, half of which Trail council has earmarked in the 2015 capital plan.

Since the Downtown Opportunities and Action Committee (DOAC) first proposed the idea to Trail council last January, the group has raised almost $163,000.

The committee recently launched the “Buy-a-Light Fundraising Campaign,” which offers a public opportunity to be involved with novel plan through the purchase of a $200 LED bulb.

Fifty of the 96 available lights, which are deemed a charitable donation, have been sold to date, said Coun. Lisa Pasin during the Monday night meeting.

For the project to proceed, the DOAC is required to raise the shortfall of $27,500 either through light sales or other donations.

Addressing ongoing questions about the lighting by interested parties, Pasin clarified what onlookers can expect to see once the project commences.

The LED lights can project solid light or be programmed, for example, in a sequence, reflecting either white light or colour, she explained.

Lighting will be available year round and programming determined in conjunction with the time of year and dependent on events or special days using various colour palettes.

Examples of options include orange during Trail Smoke Eater games; green and red during the holiday season; or pink for Anti-Bullying Day.

While lighting colours will change along with the seasons, one variable will remain constant.

Programming control will be in the hands of the city through a single digital multiplex controller, said Pasin. The one device will provide special effects for both bridges, and will be stationed at city hall.

“The lights on the Victoria Street bridge will be similar to and complement the pedestrian/pipe bridge crossing,” she added. “Thus offering architectural lighting to highlight our landmark bridges.”

To comply with Ministry of Transport requirements, the LEDs will be mounted on the external side of the bridge’s eight arches.

“Lights cannot shine in the eyes of vehicle drivers and impair vision,” Pasin explained, noting collaboration between the ministry and city will continue should the DOAC raise sufficient funds.