More graffiti in Trail

More graffiti in Trail

More graffiti in Trail, this time at Gyro Park

Police say the City of Trail has been hit with more graffiti, this time on Gyro Park rocks.

Police say the city has been hit with more graffiti, this time on the rocks near the Onions at Gyro Park.

The Trail and Greater District RCMP received a report on Monday that the site had been spray painted by more than one unknown suspect.

As the investigation continues, Cpl. Mike Wicentowich said the incident is believed to be related to previous vandalism in the Fifth Avenue tunnel and on the city’s river wall at the south end of Jubilee Park.

β€œThe graffiti appeared on the rocks overnight,” he explained. β€œAnd is believed to be connected to the graffiti that occurred in the tunnel

and riverbank wall.”

In those two cases, which were reported April 28, the sites were heavily spray painted with graffiti that included profanity and racially discriminating comments.

A week before the events, a Trail resident notified police that three females, believed to be in their teens, were seen fleeing the tunnel at the time of the vandalism.

One of the females was caught in the midst of spray painting, said Wicentowich, but the detachment received the report after the fact.

Police are releasing pictures of the graffiti in effort to identify the vandals. Anyone with information is urged to call the Trail detachment at 364.2566.