Trail and Warfield announce recreation deal

The deal was announced late Thursday afternoon that the two communities have agreed to a 5-year rec and library agreement.

The City of Trail and the Village of Warfield announced late Thursday afternoon that the two communities have agreed to a 66-month recreation/library services agreement.

The deal, effective July 1, would see Warfield contribute $631,500 over the life of the deal with Trail allocating 68 per cent of the funding to recreation and 32 per cent to library services.

“We are absolutely delighted to have reached a recreation and library agreement with the Village of Warfield,” City of Trail Mayor Mike Martin said in a press release.

“The agreement establishes long-term stability for both Warfield and Trail and provides Warfield residents with unrestricted access to the Trail recreation facilities.  We would like to compliment and thank the Warfield negotiating team for the representation of their council and residents.”

Village of Warfield Mayor Ted Pahl echoed the elation in the same press release.

“Many thanks to (Warfield) Councillor Diane Langman and Shane Ferraro for their hard work on this, and the team from the City of Trail for working with us on a deal that fits within our five-year financial plan.

“Working together with the other communities in our region is something that Warfield Council is passionate about and we feel this partnership demonstrates our commitment to fostering stronger relationships,” said Pahl.

Martin emphasized in the release that agreements with neighbouring communities “are in our collective best interest as it promotes and supports healthy behaviours and choices, provides for economic development opportunities, and provides part of the social network which makes for a strong sense of community.”

He added that if agreements are reached across the region, the city would be able to eliminate the Trail Resident Program “which has become so divisive to our region.”

Martin said Trail would continue to work with communities in Beaver Valley, Area B and Rossland to forge “acceptable agreements.”