Curling rink offers up great event

"This is a good time to head to downtown - downtown sorely needs people to head there - and the Trail Memorial Centre."

No laking, no golf, but good driving weather for this time of year.

This is a good time to head to downtown – downtown sorely needs people to head there – and the Trail Memorial Center.

Sixteen rinks are competing for provincial championships at the curling rink, and local teams are well in the mix to win one or both titles. There will be hockey, too, tonight, with the Smoke Eaters facing a last gasp opportunity to stay alive for a playoff spot against the league’s cellar dwellar.

Besides supporting local teams, we have a chance to rub shoulders with our neighbours, including some who will be honoured Saturday night for their contributions to local sports. They are down at the curling doing – what else – volunteer work in the cause of helping participants, and the community, have a successful weekend.

The curling will end just in time (Saturday) for anyone interested to hit the Sportsman banquet, without even changing parking places, or head out to Beaver Valley hopeful of watching the Nitehawks complete the sweep or Spokane they need to have a shot at the home ice advantage they might require against Nelson Leafs in the first round of the KIJHL playoffs.

The price is right, too. Free at the curling rink and reasonable at the hockey venues.

Just showing up is an easy way to celebrate your home town.

•Want another way to appreciate how accomplished the Home of Champions is?

Check out the Canadian Curling Association website, upon which are composite videos of many of the Mcdonald Brier playdowns, just now including the 1948 event at which Trail’s Frenchy D’Amour won B.C.’s first ever national championship.

There are 22 others, including all of those in which rinks skipped by Reg Stone and Buzz McGibney also made runs at the Tankard, and it is cool to see, even in abbreviated from, local legends in action. No other winners from here, but several fairly close calls, and many exciting finishes featuring teams and players that were and are legends of the roaring game.

For younger curling fans, it is worth doing just to see how the game has changed. For those of us into the age range that qualifies for the current event at Trail Curling club, it is welcome nostalgia.

Again, of course, the price is right if you have an internet connection or some friend (old and mildly tech savvy) or young (they all are that) who can get you to the site.

Enjoy – I know you will.