Albo’s dead-on draws sink Sitkum IT in Super League Curling

Albo’s dead-on draws sink Sitkum IT in Super League Curling

Kootenay Savings Super League Curling goes every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Trail Curling Club

A full slate of games in the Kootenay Savings Super League slid out of the hack at the Trail Curling Club on Thursday.

Team Darrin Albo squared off against Team Sitkum IT skipped by Nando Salviulo in a close fought match. After blanking the first, both teams manufactured deuces with the hammer.

Facing three opposition stones, Skip Darrin calmly drew to the four-foot for one in the fourth, then stole two in the fifth when Nando’s last rock draw wicked a guard. Salviulo closed the gap to 5-3, but Albo had draw weight in his back pocket, hitting button in the seventh and again in the 10th to preserve a 7-5 win.

Team Marcus Partridge faced off against Team Desiree Borsato and Partridge had an open hit for three to start, then stole the second when Borsato’s last rock draw stopped an inch short. Team Borsato came back with an open draw for two in the third, then stole a single in the fourth, to close the gap to 4-3. Things turned back in Partridge’s favour in the fourth, when third Bill King make a perfect come around draw to the button, followed by a hit-and-roll to the four-foot to set up a huge four ender on the way to a 9-3 Partridge victory.

Team Winters started strong in their game against Team Heather Nichol, with a nice come around tap for one in the first, followed by a steal of three behind a wall of granite that Skip Heather couldn’t get to. Nichol third Janet Kambick made a perfect come-around draw to the button, leading to a Nichol deuce. Winters extended the lead with her own deuce in the fourth, followed by a steal of one. Skip Heather made a nice hit and roll for one in the sixth, then stole the seventh, but couldn’t get any closer, conceding to a 7-4 Winters win in the eighth.

Right from the get go, Team Bill Van Yzerloo controlled the game with Team Russ Beauchamp. Van Yzerloo took one in the first, then stole three in the second. Beauchamp third, Dan Tweed squeezed by a guard to make a great double in the fourth, leading to a Beauchamp deuce, then another in the fifth, holding Van Yzerloo to one. But Team Van Yzerloo had all the momentum, stealing the sixth and again in the seventh for a game ending 9-2 win.

The undefeated Team Myron Nichol ran into a buzzsaw in the form of Team Ken Fines. Fines had an open hit for three in the first, then stole three more over the next two ends. Nichol had a chance for a possible four-ender in the fourth with a difficult double take-out. But the shot stayed straight, jamming on his back shot stone for another Fines steal of two, an insurmountable 8-0 lead and an eventual 9-1 demolition of the previously undefeated Nichol.