Amateur Bowling: Perfect game at Glenmerry Bowl

Tim Flack of Trail bowled the first perfect game the alley has seen in over a decade.

Tim Flack of Trail made magic happen on the lanes at Glenmerry Bowl last week, bowling the first perfect game the alley has seen in over a decade.

Ron Sandnes from Glenmerry Bowl says the last time he saw a perfect game in the lanes was back in 2002.

“It is not very common,” he said. “The last time it happened here was in 2002, so it has been 13 years. There have only been three since the year 2000.”

To get a perfect game, Flack had to bowl 12 straight strikes in the 5-pin game, knocking down every pin placed at the end of the lane.

When the amateur bowler was approaching his final frame and getting ready to bowl a “turkey,” or get three strikes in a row, Sandnes says other bowlers started to take notice.

“Once you get to the last frame everyone gathers around , anticipating the last three shots in the tenth frame,” he said.

Flack made those three strikes and is expecting a visit from the B.C. and Canadian Bowling Proprietors Association to let him know what prizes he won for his high score of 450.

The game was bowled during the alley’s cash league night on March 17.