Battle for first hightlights Super League action

It was a battle for first place In Kootenay Savings Super League action last week

It was a battle for first place In Kootenay Savings Super League action last week, as Myron Nichol’s West Kootenay Mechanical team stood just two points back of the Rob Ferguson rink in league play.

Ferguson lead, Marcus Partridge, threw up perfect draws and come-arounds, which had Nichol in trouble the whole match. Ferguson then took a four-ender in the seventh end to take a commanding 9-3 lead as they swept to a 10-6 victory.

An interesting match-up saw Brad Morehouse and his young men’s team from Castlegar, take on Fred Thomson’s 5N-Plus foursome from Nelson. Thomson’s Brier experience definitely showed up in this one, as he scored five in the first end, and then four more in the second, to take an early 9-0 lead. Morehouse scored singles in the next three ends, but it wasn’t enough on this night as Thomson went on to win, 12-3.

Maglio Men’s squad, skipped by Russ Beauchamp had a very close game with Desiree Schmidt rink from Fruitvale. The lead changed hand four times before Beauchamp made a tough tap-back to score two points in the last end for the 6-5 victory.

After a slow start to the season, the Ken Fines rink won back-to-back games for the first time this year. Fines got a couple early breaks, then played a good defense the rest of the way, as they cruised to a 12-4 victory over the Maglio Ladies foursome.

Kootenay Savings Super League resumes Thursday night at 7 p.m., at the Trail Curling Club.

W    L    T    Pts

Ferguson             9    1    0    18

5-N Plus              7    2    1    15

WKM                   7    3    0    14

Morehouse           5    4    1    11

Schmidt               3    6    1    7

Fines                   3    7    0    6

Maglio Men          3    7    0    6

Maglio Women      1    8    1    3