Beaver Valley rec Karate: Karate Kids kick it up in Kelowna

Beaver Valley Recreation’s Karate Dojo sent three competitors to the Zone 1 and 2 playoffs on Saturday.

Beaver Valley Recreation’s Karate Dojo sent three competitors to the Zone 1 and 2 playoffs on Saturday each looking for a spot in the provincial tournament.

Tyson Nelson, 9, Megan Campsall, 9, and Macy Verigin, 10, were the only competitors from the entire Kootenay-Boundary region to attend this year’s playoffs, as over 200 competitors aged seven to 65 from across the Thompson-Nicola-Okanagan and Kootenay-Boundary regions gathered in West Kelowna for the two-day tournament to try and qualify for the B.C. Provincial Championships in Burnaby Nov. 17th at B.C.I.T.

Amateur Karate practitioners have a choice between Kata, Kumite, and Kobudo Weapons and are judged using a base score of 6.0. Five judges score the Kata by dropping the highest and lowest scores to come up with an average 18.0 base line with only the top-four scores qualifying for the provincials.

Macy scored an impressive 18.1 and was awarded a bronze medal, qualifying to go to the provincial championships. However, Megan and Tyson, in his first tournament, narrowly missed qualifying as both scored a hard fought 17.4, but placed fifth in their respective divisions.

“I am so proud of these students, they all were amazing,” said Karate sensei Scott Sheldon in an email. “Especially as each one worked so hard in achieving their goals. It was a first for our Dojo and the first qualifier from all the Kootenay-Boundary region in many years.”

Next week, Macy goes for team training to prepare for the upcoming championships in Burnaby.

At this year’s World Karate Championships, the International Olympic Committee will assess Karate’s future inclusion into the Olympics.

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