Besplug wins big

Winning the Kootenay Chrysler Bull-a-Rama four years in a row has certainly added to Chad Besplug’s bull riding prowess at the Cominco Arena but it also doesn’t hurt his bank account either.

Besplug pocketed over $5,500 for 16 seconds of work Saturday adding to an already impressive total from his previous three victories that will bring his total earnings close to $20,000.

His first place finish in the long ride awarded him over $1,600. He netted $400 for the short go and another almost $3,500 for the overall average.

Devon Mezei also made out okay picking up money in the long go, short go and overall average, leaving the Silver City with about $3,500. Mezei also picked up an additional $1,000 by finishing second at a rodeo in Coleman on Friday. before riding at the Bull-a-Rama Saturday.