Bon voyage to a cherished editor

It’s a little tougher to write this column, as it is the last of about 800 that will be sent to a Trail Times editorial office run by Tracy Gilchrist.

Tracy seems as youthful now as when she hit the mixed jackpot that is a managing editor’s job 16 years ago, but then she never really seemed like a rookie in the job. That’s all the more amazing when one realizes she is likely the longest-serving managing editor in the long history of the Times.

Through change after change in ownership, management, layout and staff, she has kept things together at the Times and is a big part of the reason Trail still has a daily newspaper – no small thing is today’s market.

Few, I think, appreciate the amount of effort her great success, both professional and personal, has required – not to mention the mileage she gladly added up in order to maintain it all.

I’m feeling kind of two-faced about the way it is ending.

I will miss contact with someone who has been both a respected colleague and admired friend – that makes me sad.

I am very happy, however, that her move is one that I believe will provide Tracy and her family with many positive opportunities – and the people of Kamloops with a valuable conduit for their own opinions and ambitions.

People involved in many areas and endeavours in this community will miss her input and enthusiasm, but because of her, many of those areas and endeavours have prospered.

The city has, simply, been better for her involvement in it.

It’s time, as Bob Seger celebrates, to, “Turn the Page,” for her and for us.

There will be new writers and editors in the mix, for sure, and new pages. It will be a long time, however, before Tracy’s imprint won’t be part of those pages.

Bon voyage, Trace – come back and see us sometimes.


The Yankees have already won a major league regular season game – that’s not good (who cheers for Goliath?).

Jason Bay, who hit well but was homerless in pre-season, is likely to be on the disabled list as the Mets season starts – that’s bad.

Bay’s team, via ownership, is involved in a very messy financial situation which won’t make it a joyous group with which to be involved – that’s bad.

Trail Youth baseball is still in need of people to fill some important executive positions – that’s bad.

BUT, it’s baseball season, and that’ s a very good thing.

This one will culminate in a big senior baseball championship tournament in late summer – that’s good.

If you can help out at any level, or just drop by any park and support the players, that will be good, too.