Team Borsato defeats Albo in Super League curling.

Team Borsato defeats Albo in Super League curling.

Borsato out-duels Albo in Kootenay Savings Super League curling

Kootenay Savings Super League curling, an entertaining mix of close matches and blowouts

Kootenay Savings Super League Curling saw a mix of close games and big blowouts marked by huge ends last week at the Trail Curling Club.

Team Darrin Albo started quickly against Team Desiree Borsato stealing the first two ends before Borsato manufactured a deuce in three, then a perfect draw in four led to a steal to tie the game at 3-3. Both teams could only managed singles with their hammers in 5, 6 and 7 to give Albo a slim 5-4 lead coming home without. Facing three Borsato stones with his last rock, Skip Darrin took out the shot rock, but didn’t roll under cover quite far enough, leaving Skip Des a delicate come around tap for three, and a 7-5 Borsato win.

Team Marcus Partridge were all over Team Sitkum IT, this week skipped by Devo Devine. After being forced into taking one in the first, Team Partridge rattled off steals in the second, third and fourth ends for a commanding 6-0 lead. Sitkum IT tried to make a game of it, but skip Marcus made an open hit for two in seven for the hand-shaking 8-3 victory.

Team Ken Fines caught Team Russ Beauchamp struggling with ice, posting a huge 5 ender in the first, followed by a deuce in three and steals in the fourth, fifth and sixth ends for a dominating 10-1 Fines win.

Team Heather Nichol, skipped by Jan Kambick, were in tough against hubby’s Team Myron Nichol, who showed little sympathy playing his wife’s Team. The Men took advantage of the swingy ice, with an open hit for a large six in the first. Skip Jan kept cool, manufacturing a deuce in two, then a perfect draw led to a steal in three. But it was an offensive onslaught by Team Myron Nichol this night, coming back with a big four in the fourth on his way to a 13-5 romp.

Team Jill Winters had Team Bedard Excavating, skipped by Deane Horning, backpedaling after stealing singles in the opening two ends, and were looking to steal the third before Horning made the shot of the night. Team Winters were laying shot rock buried after Skip Jill made a perfect short angle raise to the four-foot. The only way to get to the shot stone was to hit a 1/2 inch or less of the Winters’ last stone with take-out weight threw a tight port, which Horning executed perfectly, for a game changing seven-ender. Undeterred, Team Winters countered with a deuce, then stole another two to close the gap at 7-6 after five. Team Bedard extended their lead with an open hit for two in six, then iced the game with a steal of three when Winters last rock crashed on a guard, for a entertaining 12-6 win.