Caron claims Trail Retirees curling championship

The Alvin Caron rink took down the Ernie Brown foursome last Friday.

The quest for the Bill Heichert Memorial Trophy came down to the wire with the Alvin Caron rink taking on the Ernie Brown foursome in the Trail Mens Retirees Curling championship match at the Trail Curling Club on Friday.

But preceding the big game, the playdowns of the four session winners for the chance to play for the championship trophy had to be determined and it was Ernie Brown versus Dan Horan, and Tom Hall taking on Alvin Caron.

Team Brown set an aggressive tone for the game with a steal of four in the first end against team Horan. Team Horan rebounded quickly taking three in the second. The turning point of the game came in the third end, when Brown scored three. With Brown in full-defence mode neither team could score more than a single. Make the final 10-4 for team Ernie Brown.

In a tight, well curled game between team Tom Hall and Alvin Caron, the turning point was the fourth end. With Caron sitting three, Tom was a little heavy on a tap back that did not curl. Alvin made a nice draw to the eight-foot for four. Team Caron, up one coming home with hammer, did not have to throw the last rock, winning the game 8-6.

In Friday’s final match, strong play from the Caron team forced Brown to a nice hit and stick against three in the first. In the second end, Caron was a bit heavy on a draw for three and scored only two. After a few clean ends, they mixed it up in the sixth. Mel Johnson, team Brown’s third, made a perfect come around freeze on the button that turned out to be the steal point.

In the seventh, a nice hit and roll behind cover by Caron forced Brown to a light weight takeout that did not curl enough and only scared shot rock, giving Alvin a draw for two.

Going into the eighth end with the score Caron 5 and Brown 4 with hammer it was anyone’s game.

The pressure of the game started to show on everyone. Johnson attempted to remove an opposition guard, but it jammed one of his own stones. Dan Ashman just missed a cross house double. After a hit and stick for Caron, Brown had a hit to sit one, but his soft takeout over curled and just grazed shot rock.

With nowhere to hide Caron tried to split the house and sit two, but came up short of the house. Brown chose to draw and needed full eight foot or better to force another end, however, he came up just short of the rings. Make the final 6-4 for team Caron.

After the awarding of the Bill Heichert Memorial Trophy to team Alvin Caron, a special Life Time Membership Trophy was awarded to Cliff Tyson. Tyson has been the Secretary Treasurer for 20-plus years, and with his wife and daughter in attendance for the banquet, Cliff was speechless after the standing ovation.

Hope to see you all next year, Good Curling.