Curling: Maglio’s Beauchamp raises the stakes

Drama was the name of the game in the Kootenay Savings Super League action last week.

Drama was the name of the game in the Kootenay Savings Super League action last week.

Two of Thursday’s matches ended early, but the other two were epic matches that saw late rallies snatch apparent victory away from the opposition.

Team Morehouse stole singles for the first three ends, before Maglio Mens’ Russ Beauchamp made a nice double take-out for three and a 3-3 tie after four. But Morehouse came right back with a single and Morehouse threw a heavy draw to give Maglio’s a steal of three and a tie game coming home. Morehouse buried one at the back of the four foot early, then created a protective stone wall in front of it.

But the confident Beauchamp made a cross-ice raise to the button with his last rock, (arguably the shot of the year so far), leaving Morehouse no way to follow, and an improbable steal for an 8-7 Maglio win.

After a great weekend at the Kamloops Cashspiel, the Desiree Schmidt rink had a slight let down, while running into a red hot 5N Plus team.

Third Don Freschi caught fire, running two doubles in the second to set up a four ender, then a perfect hit and roll behind cover in the third leading to a steal of three.

Skip Schmidt calmly drew to the four foot against five in the fourth, but couldn’t stop 5N Plus momentum, as they scored two in the fifth, then another steal of three in the sixth, cruising to a 12-2 victory.

Team Albo and the Maglio Ladies had a classic game going for five ends.

Skips Troy Albo and Theresa Hiram made clutch hit-and-sticks or draws for one with their last rocks for a 2-2 tie after five.

However, Albo was able to manufacture a deuce in the sixth, and turned that momentum into seventh and eighth end steals for a 7-2 win.

The final game saw Team Ferguson jump out to an early lead, but the Fines foursome showed their resilience, and kept coming back.

Skip Rob Ferguson made a delicate tap back for three in the first, then a hit and stick for two in the fourth, but Ken Fines came right back with three of his own in the fifth.

Again Ferguson made a take-out for another deuce, then stole the seventh for an 8-5 lead.

Fines was forced to take one in the eighth, then surprised everyone with a steal of four in the ninth.

Down two coming home, Fines racked on a guard with his last shot, and Ferguson drew in the house for two, and an entertaining 10-10 tie.