Curling: Super league’s top shooters prevail

Horning and Nichol won decisively while Ferguson clung to first place with a close victory over Castlegar Hyundai.

In Kootenay Savings Super League (KSSL) curling action Horning and Nichol won decisively while Ferguson clung to first place with a close victory over Castlegar Hyundai.

Team Ferguson and Castlegar Hyundai staged a classic low-scoring game with three blanks and only one multi-point end. Ferguson scratched out a 2-0 lead after three with steals in the second and third. Skip James McKenzie got on the board with a four-foot draw for one in the fourth, but Ferguson stretched his lead to 4-1 with the only deuce of the game in the fifth. Castlegar Hyundai got a single in the sixth and another in the eighth after a Ferguson blank to cut the lead to 4-3, and was looking to add another steal in the ninth. Staring at three Hyundai stones, skip Rob made one of his patented cross ice, double take-outs to count one, turning momentum back in his team’s favour. Team Ferguson executed the 10th flawlessly, running McKenzie out of rocks, and a 5-3 win to hold on to top spot in the standings.

Team Horning struck early against Team Fines with a deuce in the first, then couldn’t believe their good fortune in the second. Skip Ken Fines, already laying one, attempted an angle raise take-out to lay three  or a possible four, but it slightly overcurled, just missing the intended Horning rock and peeling out his own shot rock, leaving Horning with a steal of one.

Fines slid too far on his last rock in the third, giving Horning a large steal of three and a 6-0 lead. Fines got two back in the fourth, but Horning took total control in the fifth with three more. Skip Ken made an unbelievable split double take-out at the top of the house in the sixth, then all watched in awe as his rock kept spinning forward, stopping directly on the button for one, cutting Horning out of two four-foot rocks, conceding a 9-3 victory for Horning.

Team Nichol was taking on Justin Umpherville and his Junior Mens rink. Nichol took one in the 1st, then had a wall of impenetrable granite for a steal of three in the second. Umpherville looked to get back in the game with a double take-out for five in the third, but his rock hung, missing the double and taking one of his own out for only a single. Team Umpherville kept trying to chip away at the lead with single in the fourth , sixth and seventh ends, but skip Myron Nichol made a delicate come around tap for three in the eighth for a hand shaking 9-4 win.