Ditch electronics, get outside and play

Monday morning it will be spring. There’s not a lot of good news in the world right now but at least the season change is uplifting.

March is a great month if you are a sports fan. Of course it would be even better if the Smoke Eaters were still playing.

The interior division playoff features two clubs Trail was quite capable of beating –  if they could have handled those pesky Warriors.

The top-ranked team in the league, Powell River, dodged three straight do-or-die bullets to continue on.

It sure would be fun to be part of this round of playoffs again some day.

Besides that, pro golf is blooming and local golf is on the horizon, local hockey teams are still in the hunt for provincial titles, baseball at all levels is beginning, provincial and world curling titles are up for grabs, Red Mountain still has good conditions and just produced some good local results, basketball is everywhere for the next few weeks, pro soccer is hitting crunch time while amateur footy is looming locally and the NHL has a “hockey that matters” game every night.

The best thing about this time of year, however, is that you don’t need to be tied to electronics.

Get out, get out, get out of the house and play or help others play the variety of area sports available.

Help get parks ready, offer to coach, take an officiating course or volunteer to be one of the organizers of the many activities that can use some help.

Barring all of the above, get involved with the BC Seniors Games, which will be underway all over the region come fall.

Lots of changes along with the weather. School District 20 needs a new administrator.

We have a new premier, a new minimum wage protocol – which will help some and hurt others – and we may be selecting a new federal government soon. The Smokies have a new coach and need a bunch of new players.

On the political side, keep in mind that the people who conceal the most information are the ones who believe they have something to hide.

On the business side, keep in mind that most local small business owners are not thriving and are doing their best to earn your support.

On the sporting side, remember participation enhances pleasure.

Jim Ingram was a good hire for the Smoke Eaters.

He proved to be a decent recruiter and many players prospered under his leadership.

He was a big factor in creating the pre-season tournament, which has been a very positive factor in many ways for both the Smoke Eaters and the community.

He is also a good guy, who worked hard and fit in well here. One more playoff round, which might have eliminated the team’s deficit, would have been a strong legacy.

Was he a good enough coach? Hard to tell in junior hockey sometimes, but it seemed the team either underperformed or over performed against superior teams in all of his years here.

Particularly this year – though the teams he iced provided good entertainment for the value of your dollar, and that counts for a lot.

Hard not to wish him to “live long and prosper” in whatever he ends up doing.