Kootenay Savings Super League Curling: 5N Plus clinches top spot

In a battle of the top teams in Kootenay Savings Super League action, 5N plus locked down first place over the Ferguson rink.

In a battle of the top teams in Kootenay Savings Super League action, 5N plus locked down first place with an exciting win over the Ferguson rink.

It all came down to the final stone, and 5N skip Deane Horning made no mistake as he chipped out the last Ferguson rock to secure a 6-4 win.

Ferguson made a delicate come around tap for two to start the game, but buoyed by third Don Freschi’s hit and roll behind cover, 5N Plus came right back with three. After Ferguson scored one in the fifth, great sweeping helped skip Horning make both of his draws in the fifth to make it 5-2. Again Team Ferguson chose to blank, but this time followed it up with a deuce to be down one coming home, before Horning secured it with his final shot.

Skip Myron Nichol led his team to a convincing 9-5 win over Desiree Schmidt’s rink. Facing two buried stones in the first end, he made a long raise to the four foot with his first rock, then repeated it with his second rock to steal two against a surprised Schmidt.

A couple of cross-ice doubles by interim third Rick Brown helped Nichol to deuces in third and fifth ends and an early 6-2 lead.

Schmidt made her own double take-out for three in the sixth, but the raise was Team Nichol’s friend this night, as the team made three of them in the seventh to seal the victory.

A depleted Maglio Ladies and Team Fines waged a back and forth affair. Fines led 6-3 in the fifth end, when Maglio Ladies responded with three, tying the game up at six. Team Fines was forced to take one in the sixth, then was able to get an early rock behind cover in the seventh and eighth ends, leading to steals and a 9-6 victory.

Maglio Mens could not quite match Team Albo score for score. If Albo took three, Maglio followed with two. If Albo took two, Maglio was only able to score one. According to Skip Russ Beauchamp, he was more in the spirit of Christmas giving than his counterpart skip Darrin Albo, as the Albo rink cruised to a 9-5 victory.

League play resumes Friday. With only two games left in the regular season, Team 5N Plus will finish in  first place overall, while Ferguson and Nichol are tied for second, followed closely by Schmidt.

Playoffs start Jan. 17.