Kootenay Savings Super League Curling: Albo robs Maglio Men’s

Curling action provided entertaining curling Thursday night that saw tough ice and big ends.

Kootenay Savings Super League action provided entertaining curling Thursday night that saw tough ice and big ends, highlighted by unbelievable shot making.

The score was not indicative of the play in the marquee match-up between Team Ferguson and Rellish Transport. Rob Ferguson thought he had one stolen in the first, before skip Deane Horning skinnied three separate guards to make a come around, tap-back raise for three. Team Ferguson also had the misfortune of three picked rocks, leading to a Rellish steal in the second and a game ending three in the sixth for an early Rellish Transport 9-3 win.

Brost Autoworx stole one on Team Fines in the first, then forced them to blank the second before the game turned in Fines favour with a double take-out for three in the third. That was followed by keeping Brost Autoworx to singles in the even ends, while scoring deuces in the fifth and seventh, on their way to an 8-3 Fines win.

It was game of field goals between Team Nichol and Maglio Ladies. The Ladies started quick, with a steal of three in the first, but Skip Myron came back with two three-enders of his own before, his wife and opposing Skip Heather made a tap-back raise for another three and a 6-6 tie after four ends. Team Nichol put up more threes, one in the fifth, followed by a steal of three in the sixth that Maglio Ladies couldn’t recover from, calling it quits after eight and an entertaining 13-8 Nichol victory.

Maglio Mens stole singles in the first three ends against Team Albo, but skip Darrin Albo got his team on track to tie it at four after six ends. It was tied 6-6 in the 10th, when skip Russ Beauchamp looked to have the steal for the win locked up with two guarded rocks biting the four foot. However, skip Albo, with ice coursing through his veins, made an improbable angle double-raise, tap to the four foot for the one and a fist pumping 7-6 Albo win.