Kootenay Savings Super League Curling: Rellish leapfrogs Nichol

It was a battle of the top-two teams in Kootenay Savings Super League last Thursday.

It was a battle of the top-two teams in Kootenay Savings Super League last Thursday.

First place was on the line with Team Myron Nichol leading Team Rellish Transport by one point in the standings.

Rellish skip Deane Horning had his team in control early, taking deuces in the first and third, while forcing Nichol, staring at three buried Rellish stones, to make a delicate raise tap for one in the second.

Nichol missed an opportunity to tie it in the fourth  but stole one in the fifth to tie it at 4-4.

The game tightened up for the next couple of ends, as Team Rellish took one in the sixth, and Nichol blanked the seventh, only to take one in the eighth himself. Nichol got in trouble in the ninth with front end misses, leaving the skip to try and execute a perfect freeze on one of Rellishes’ buried four foot rocks. Unfortunately it bumped and rolled out into the open, giving Horning an open hit for five, and a 10-5 win, thus leapfrogging Team Nichol into first place.

Maglio Mens and Team Fines squared off in a match that featured an early go-for-broke attitude. Skip Russ Beauchamp, staring at three Fines stones had to make a perfect draw to the button in the first. Skip Fines got on the board in the second with a delicate come around tap for two. The next two ends saw some early misses by both front ends, leading to each team putting up big four enders, and a 6-5 Fines lead after four ends.

Things got cleaner with less rocks in play after that, with Fines scoring one in the sixth and Maglio Mens netting singles in the fifth and seventh, to tie the game at 7-7. Team Fines had an open hit for two in the eighth, then stole two in the 9th when Russ’s last rock over curled, racking on a guard to give Team Fines an 11-7 first win.

Team Albo took advantage of a depleted Brost Autoworx with relentless pressure, forcing interm Skip Brittany Palmer to make perfect draws to the button in the first and fifth ends for singles, but Team Albo created too may opportunities stealing the third, fourth and sixth ends for a convincing 9-2 win.

Team Ferguson and Maglio Ladies played an entertaining match. After blanking the first, third Joe Ferguson made a perfect hit and roll behind cover, leading to a three ender in the second. Skip Heather Nichol executed a nice come around tap for two in the third, then forced Ferguson to take one in the fourth.

However, a steal of two for Ferguson in the fifth, led to Maglio Ladies taking chances, and more Ferguson steals in the sixth and seventh. The Ladies got back on the board with another deuce in the eighth, but had enough, shaking hands for an 8-4 Ferguson win.

Play continues again this Thursday at the Trail Curling Club at 7pm.