Kootenay title at stake in first Dam Run

It’s a fun run with a little bragging rights to boot.

The inaugural Dam Run, a fun 5km and 10km run along Waneta Road, is set to go April 3.

Gerald Klassen, of Gerick Cycle and Sports, along with local triathlete Dallas Cain have joined forces to create the event, which is open to all ages.

“We wanted to have an event to promote running and fitness in the Kootenays and get the spring running season start up,” explained Cain.

The run will begin about 1km from the Waneta Bridge with volunteers and signs along the roadway.

The course is perfect for the first run of the season, added Cain.

“This section of road is scenic along the river. It has a nice wide shoulder and more importantly it’s flat and fast.

“Most running events in the Kootenays are hilly and challenging. That’s great most of the time but occasionally it’s nice to se how fast you cover the distance. This is a great place for that.”

Cain is hoping the run attracts many of his fellow runners from the East Kootenay.

With that in mind, organizers have decided to throw a Kootenay running title on the line for the victors.

“I did a quick search and there is no record of an official Kootenay 5km/10km Championship.

“I decided to take the title and apply it to this race to add some prestige and bragging rights.”

On top of the exercise, fun and bragging rights, Cain said the race is a non-profit event with any proceeds going to a worthy cause.

“We will donate any funds raised to the Kids’ Triathlon in Trail. It’s a great event to get kids active in a new sport at a young age.”

There are seven male and female age groups. The entry fee is $5.

For more information contact Gerick Cycle or visit the High Altitude Triathlon Club website at www.hatc.ca.