Little Ninja classes ready to kick off

Trail’s Pride Gym is calling on all ninjas as new classes and innovative workouts get set to start next week.

Trail’s Pride Gym is calling on all ninjas as new classes and innovative workouts get set to start next week.

The gym has added seven new classes to an already formidable line-up. The highlight of the schedule is the “Ninjitsu” classes for youth and the “Little Ninjas” program aimed directly at tots. It’s an opportunity for young people to get active and have fun learning from the best, says gym owner Glen Kalesniko.

“We are really excited about the coming year at Pride Gym. Beginning in September, Corey Colwell, Pride Gym’s Jiu-Jits Sensei, will be joining our team full-time and instructing many of our classes.”

Colwell is one of the only certified Ninjitsu black belts in the West Kootenay and in addition to the Ninjitsu and Little Ninjas classes, he will be teaching a high intensity fitness class at lunch time called ‘Cage Fit’ from Monday to Thursday.

“There is no other class like it in our area being taught by someone with so much experience.”

The gym also offers instruction in Muay Thai fighting and Jui Jitsu for all ages, Kardio Kickboxing for a great workout and, for those ready to step into the ring, there’s the competitive Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai team.

Pride Gym will compete in Castlegar at Caged Raged on Oct. 5, featuring local fighters Brad Kama, Jordan Knippleberg, River Jones and others.

More importantly for Kalesniko, the gym provides an outlet for youth to develop self-confidence, discipline, respect and self-esteem.

“That’s why we do what we do. We need to get these kids off the streets and the couch and into a program with their peers and teach them that they can overcome anything.”

With this in mind, Pride Gym is organizing a Jiu-Jitsu tournament in November aimed directly at kids and youth in the community.

Kalesniko has yet to decide whether Fight Night 2012 is feasible but he hopes with the cooperation of local businesses to make the Jiu-Jitsu tournament into one of the largest martial arts events in the Kootenays.

“We are proud of our accomplishments of providing a top notch training facility with a proven track record of creating champions out of kids who never thought they’d be good at any sport, let alone martial arts.”

Pride Gym classes start on Tuesday. For more information or to register call 364-3031.