Martial Artists impress at Canadians

Trail Martial Arts (TMA) competitors put in a great showing at the Tae Kwon-Do International Canadian Championships in Kelowna on Saturday

Trail Martial Arts (TMA) competitors put in a great showing at the Tae Kwon-Do International Canadian Championships in Kelowna on Saturday capturing a bounty of medals from the competition.

Twenty-seven TMA members collected an incredible 17 medals at the event that welcomed close to 200 Tae Kwon-Do practitioners from across Canada, the U.S., and as far away as Wales.

“The team did really, really well,” said TMA instructor Jason Ayles. “I am really proud of how everybody did, and we’ve got a  number of them going to the world championships in England in July.”

Nine TMA experts from Greater Trail will be attending the worlds, with Ayles leading the charge after picking up a silver medal in the black belt heavy-weight sparring.

“Everybody has been doing their part and training hard, so when you are doing all the right things it makes it easier that’s for sure,” he added.

Ayles lost to former World Tae Kwon-Do  champion Jonathon Zaleski who also happens to be Ayles’ instructor’s son.

“He is hoping to reclaim his throne in England as well,” added Ayles, who will also compete.

There are three elements in the Tae Kwon-Do competition, including: sparring, patterns, and flying side kick.

Sparring is scored by making light contact, with three points awarded for a kick to the head, two points for a kick to the body, and a single point for a punch to the body or the head. Patterns is a sequence of techniques with high scores for fluidity, flexibility, power, balance, and overall beauty of the pattern.

Tae kwon-do is a relatively new art, emerging from Korea in the late 1950s as an attempt to unify different forms of martial arts like Karate and Tang su do. Its techniques are based on centuries old knowledge that, for adults, combines exercise, skill, self-discipline and concentration that develops ones ability to defend oneself as much as it helps reduce stress and incorporate a high ethical standard.

TMA results: Mattias Hofmann won gold in age 11-13 Advanced Patterns,  while team mate Owen Waite took silver in the same category.

Michael Ganzert also topped the podium winning gold in the 11-13 Advanced Sparring while Keaton Dixon-Reusz captured bronze.

Will Boyes picked up silver in the 11-13 Male Sparring, while Cameron Nagle claimed bronze, and Piper Fayant captured bronze in the Novice Patterns.

Amos Lawrason was the other gold medal champion, taking top spot in the 14-17 Advanced Patterns, while Emma MacLean was a double-bronze winner in Advanced Patterns and Advanced Ladies Sparring.

wPaul MacLean took bronze in the 14-17 Advanced Male Sparring, while in the age 8-10 Advanced Male Sparring category Evan Chandler won bronze

James Fench and Shannon Swayze each won bronze in the men’s and ladies advanced sparring respectively, while in the over 35 category Kelly Waite took silver in ladies advanced sparring.

Trail Martial Arts also provides instruction for all ages, from little tigers, ages 3-5, to adults, and also includes training in Jiu-Jitsu, nunchuks, and Bo staff, as well as self-defense courses.

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