New curling session underway

Round 2 of the Trail Retiree Curling action began this week.

Round 2 of the  Trail Retiree Curling action began this week.

Primo Secco’s foursome got off to a good start in a tight game against Clare Coleman’s rink. With the game tied 5-5 after seven ends,  Secco made his final shot to win the game 6–5.

Brett Rakuson made a long raise takeout to take one and seal a 9-6 victory over the Coke Koyanagi rink.

Dan Horan’s team took three in the first, but gave up three in the second to the Tom Hall side, who  put pressure on the Horan side and took control of the game in a 9-4 win.

Harvey Handley jumped out to a 7-0 lead by the third end over Wayne Wyton’s foursome.  The Wyton side battled back and in the eighth end without last rock had a choice of guarding his rocks in the four foot for the tie, or drawing for the possible win.  The draw overcurled and raised a Handley rock to shot.  Make the final 8–7 Handley.

Right from the start the Pasquali front end was on their game.  Setting up every end and forcing the Stewart rink to ‘chase the game,’ Pasquali’s team cruised to a 9–3 win.

Murray Walsh’s team was comfortably ahead of Forest Drinnan, 3-2 after five ends.  The Drinnan side then stole two in the sixth, and seventh ends to seal a 7 – 3 victory.