Pride Gym fighter battles for WBC Muay Thai title

Pride Gym fighter battles for WBC Muay Thai title

Trail’s Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset is back in the ring for a WBC title fight

Former Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset headlines a 15-fight card when he battles for the World Boxing Council (WBC) Muay Thai Title at Cali 29:Bad Intentions 2 in Burbank, Calif. on July 20.

In just his second fight in seven months, Bissett will take on a familiar face in Los Angeles fighter Casey “GO” Greene for the WBC welter-weight title.

“It’s going to be a hard fight,” said Bisset. “I’m fighting an old training partner, and he’s an eight-time GLORY vet. We were training partners for a long time, and sparring partners for a bit in 2012.”

The Retallack native travelled to Phuket, Thailand in December, where he trained under legendary trainer Lamsongkram, and won his first SuWit Stadium title.

Bisset sharpened his technique under Lamsongkram, and doesn’t think past familiarity with Greene will hurt his chances.

“That was five years ago, and he’s grown a lot and I’ve grown a lot since then, so I know we’ve both changed a lot,” he said. “I feel like it’s going to be a good fight, I’m mentally there and ready to go.”

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Greene started his training under Carlo Dekkers, brother of the late Muay Thai and kickboxing icon Ramon Dekkers, who is one of Greene’s fighting icons.

Stylistically Greene embraces both Muay Thai and Dutch-style kickboxing and also brings MMA experience into the ring.

“It’s going to be a pretty action-packed fight,” said Bisset. “He fights MMA as well as kick-boxing, so he’s going to have that pressure style so it’s going to be a good fight.”

Bisset’s 27 wins and seven losses is in direct contrast to Greene’s seemingly modest 3-5-0 record, however it may not be indicative of Greene’s skill and determination or his confidence. The Irish fighter has 10 bouts under his belt in GLORY with eight on the main card, and two by knock out.

“I am young in the sport and have thrown myself straight into the fire and that is why I am progressing so fast,” Greene, the GLORY 23 Middleweight Qualification Tournament finalist, said in a GLORY interview. “My biggest and best fights are in front of me. I will be the best in the world, whatever it takes. My fighting style is well rounded and I can do it all. I am improving in the gym daily. There is no fighter or style that is safe from me.”

The 30-year-old Bisset isn’t about to give any of his game plan away, but is confident that he can handle the 31-year-old Greene.

“He’s got heavy hands, but he’s not the most explosive fighter,” said Bisset. “But it should be good. He may have a lot of losses, but he’ll fight anybody – he’s got a lot of heart.”

The five-round fight for the WBC title goes July 20 at the Burchbank Marriot at 7:30 p.m.

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Bisset started kickboxing at Trail’s Pride Gym under Glen Kalesniko, and now lives in Los Angeles where he pursues acting and Muay Thai fighting with equal passion.

Pride Gym has produced over 20 champions and numerous world-class fighters, including Bisset who has won the IKKC US National Title, the ACB North American Kickboxing Title, National Muay Thai Canadian title, the North American Muay Thai cruiser weight championship, and the World Kickboxing Association’s cruiser weight title.

To follow Bisset’s journey, go to charles_valhalla_bisset on Instagram.