Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset won the SuWit Stadium Title in Phuket, Thailand on Dec. 12. Submitted photo.

Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset won the SuWit Stadium Title in Phuket, Thailand on Dec. 12. Submitted photo.

Pride Gym fighter wins Muay Thai Stadium title

Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset returned to Thailand for stadium title bout

Pride Gym fighter Charles Bisset added another title to his arsenal earlier this month.

While most were preparing for the holiday season, Bisset was in Phuket, Thailand training for the SuWit Stadium title. The Retallack native journeyed to Thailand at the same time last year, fighting and winning two Muay Thai bouts against top Thai contenders.

He returned to Thailand in early December, this time to train at AKA Thailand run by legendary UFC fighter and head coach Mike Swick.

“I had a really legendary head trainer, Lamsongkram, who took me right away, and I sharpened some tools and learned some really cool things from him,” said Bisset.

Lamsongkram was not only an accomplished fighter holding the WBC World Middleweight Title from 2007-09, but as a Muay Thai trainer, he also coached the likes of MMA champion George St. Pierre for his last three fights.

“He’s a legend and it was really cool to work with him.”

Bissett had just defeated Moses Murietta on Nov. 10 for the ACB North American kickboxing title, so after a couple weeks training at AKA he was eager for another fight. While it was a great experience to train with Thailand’s best, for Bisset, the real currency, both literal and figurative, came in the ring.

“Unfortunately, AKA wasn’t the best at getting me fights,” said Bisset. “They didn’t hustle or work hard to get me fights, which was really strange, but it was a great experience.”

The 30-year-old fighter trained hard, almost too hard, and eventually secured a bout with an experienced and intimidating Thai fighter, who had close to 250 bouts under his belt.

On Dec. 12 Bisset fought for the Muay Thai SuWit Stadium cruiserweight title with Lamsongkram in his corner. After tough exchanges in the first round, Bisset came out determined in the second round.

“The first round I felt was definitely mine, then the second round picked back up and I started chipping at his legs right away again,” explained Bisset. “Then I did one of my combos; a basic jab, to push his head into the hook, and he was punching into it, and I caught him with a head kick and I knocked him out cold.”

The win was Bisset’s first Stadium Title, third win in Thailand, and 27th of his career – a satisfying end to another interesting journey for the Pride Gym fighter.

“I got my first stadium title in Thailand and it was cool to have Lamsongkram working my corner, it was a great fighting experience.”

With more, undoubtedly, to come.

“As of right now I’m looking to get some fights lined up for March, and hopefully get two for the summer, but to keep active and hopefully wrack up some more titles. It’s good, I’m on a six fight winning streak, five by KO.”

Trail’s Pride Gym owned and operated by Glen Kalesniko has produced over 20 champions and numerous world-class fighters, including Bisset who has won the ACB North American Kickboxing Title, National Muay Thai Canadian title, the North American Muay Thai cruiser weight championship, and the World Kickboxing Association’s cruiser weight title.