Retiree Curling – Siddal wins convincingly

Retiree Men’s curling was back in the rings Monday at the Trail Curling Arena.

Retiree Men’s curling was back in the rings Monday at the Trail Curling Arena,

The Cal McKerracker rink jumped out to a 2-0 lead against the Hall foursome, and was looking good in the fifth with three rocks above the button in the four-foot ring. Hall’s third, John Dyer, then made a big weight take-out, removing two, and sending the third to the back 12-foot ring. The shooter stuck around guarded for shot and the Hall team scored three and held on to take a 6-5 victory.

The Clair Coleman rink jumped out to a big 6-2 lead after only four ends over Cliff Tyson’s foursome.  But Tyson rallied, counting a single point in the fifth, and then went on a crime spree, stealing singles in the sixth, seventh. and eighth ends to tie the game 6 – 6.

After scoring four in the second end, the Siddall rink’s front end played well and kept the Koynagi rink from building any big ends. This style of play forced the Koynagi third and skip to try more difficult shots that did not pay off as Siddall won 8 – 3

Down 2-1 to Pasquali, the Horan rink stormed back, scoring one in the fourth then stealing points in the fifth, sixth, and seventh ends, before running the Pasquali team out of rocks for an 8-4 win.

The Primo Secco foursome was cruising along leading Harvey Handley 6-3 after five ends, but suddenly, scored three in the sixth to tie the game.

Handley then stole two in the seventh and one in the eighth to win 9 – 6.

In a game that was closer than the score indicated, it came down to the last rock of the eighth end. Jim Stewart’s last shot, without hammer, had to corner freeze on a rock at the side of the four foot. His shot was almost perfect, about an inch away from touching the opponents rock. Lefty Gould had to remove the rock, without disturbing too much else to break the tie. When the rocks came to rest, the Gould team sat three, to make the final 9 – 6 for Gould.