Retiree Curling: Walsh claims playoff spot with third-session win

With Walsh ahead of Horan and Drinnan by two points, a win or tie by Walsh would secure first place.

In the final game of the third quarter session of Men’s Retiree Curling and a log-jam atop the leader board, would it be Walsh, Horan or Drinnan going to the playoffs?

With Walsh ahead of Horan and Drinnan by two points, a win or tie by Walsh would secure first place.

Team Murray Walsh faced the Ernie Brown foursome.  Walsh took four in the first, but gave it right back in the second.  Walsh trailing nine to seven after six ends put up another four point end in seven to go ahead by two.

But Brown, down one with hammer in the last end, could only muster a single to tie the game, as Walsh seals the session win in a wild game.

Team Forrest Drinnan needing a win to have a chance at a tie breaker for the session win, faced team Jim Stewart.

The Stewart foursome was under pressure each end by the offensive minded Drinnan side.  Drinnan with a pair of three’s in the third and fifth ends, and a steal of two in the sixth,  got handshakes early, and waited for the result of the Walsh vs Brown game.

In a tight back and forth game that saw the lead change almost every end, team Dan Horan needed the win over team Primo Secco.  Tied 7-7 after seven, and team Horan with hammer there was hope.  Primo with his final rock drew around a guard and put his shot on the button.  Acting skip Alvin Caron needed to move that rock back and stick around for the win, but wrecked on the guard.  Make the final 8–7 for Secco.

In an almost error free game between Pat Fennell and Harvey Handley, it came down to a couple of missed shots in the seventh and eighth ends that decided the game.  Team Fennell were the beneficiaries of team Handley miscues and made the most of it, with steals in both ends.   for an  11–7 Fennell victory.

A short handed Clare Coleman rink faced the Tom Hall foursome.  The Hall second, Rod Schleppe had an outstanding game and kept pressure on the Coleman side all game.

Guards and draws by the Hall back end forced long raises and hit-and-rolls by the three man Coleman team, with Hall prevailing 6-4 in the end.

Team Brett Rakuson faced the Serge Pasquali team, skipped by third, Mario Favaro.  In a game that every end was up for grabs, it was the Rakuson side that the score flattered.  Make the final, in a close game, 7–4 Rakuson.