Retiree Men’s curling teams look for early wins in second session

Retiree Men’s curling teams look for early wins in second session

Four teams remain undefeated early in the second session of Trail Men’s Retiree Curling

Trail Retirees Curling action resumed this week as four teams jockeyed for top spot in the second session.

Team Alvin Caron’s third John Dyer had an outstanding game against newcomer to Retiree curling, skip Larry Kotyk. The rookie Kotyk was forced to raised takeouts and doubles all game as Team Caron cruised to a 10–4 victory.

In a wild scoring game, Team Brett Rakuson was down by three to team Forrest Drinnan after seven ends. Mike Legere and Serge Peloso, the Rakuson front end, set the end up nicely in the eighth, leaving Drinnan a draw against three. Drinnan’s rock over curled and touched Rakuson in for four. Make the final 10–9.

Team Tom Hall broke a close game wide open with a steal of five in the fourth end against team Ernie Brown. However, the turning point was the fifth end when Brown’s last shot failed to remove a Hall rock, scoring one, instead of a possible four. Make the final 8–5 for Hall.

With Harvey Handley leading 7-3 over Pat Burke after six ends, Burke draws the four foot in the seventh to tie the game. In the eighth with Burke sitting two and a plethora of guards, Handley had no shot to score. Burke steals a 9–7 win.

The turning points in a close game between Dan Horan and Murray Walsh were two perfect Draws by Horan. One in the seventh to tie the game and another in the eighth to steal an 8–7 victory.

Team Serge Pasquali started strong and took the slimmest of leads into the eighth end against team Bruce Noble. Noble was left with a draw to the button that was executed to perfection to tie the game at 7–7.

Team Pat Fennell took three in the fourth end to half the Primo Secco lead. After giving up one, then taking another three in the sixth, it looked promising for Fennell. Secco took one in seven, then slammed the door with a steal of three in the eighth for an 11–6 victory.