Retirees curling: Brown puts on shot-making clinic

Three games into the Retirees curling season and the cream is rising to the top.

Three games into the Retirees curling season and the cream is rising to the top.

Ernie Brown’s front end put on a clinic of rock placement.  End after end they placed perfect guards and drew around for counters.  The Pat Fennell side was chasing the game from the get go and could not break through, as Brown prevailed a lot to nothing.

Serge Pasquali’s team took advantage of last rock as they traded hammer back and forth with the Forest Drinnan rink.  Down 6-2 after four ends the Drinnan side powered back with three in the fifth but could not complete the comeback as Pasquali counted five over the last three ends for an 11-5 victory.

The Brett Rakuson side battled with the Dan Horan rink through five ends.  In the sixth Rakuson’s draw to the four-foot for two was the spark they needed.  A steal of two in the seventh  proved too much for the Horan side to overcome.  Rakuson won 6 to 3.

Murray Walsh’s team looking for there first win were leading the Primo Secco side seven to six going into the eighth end with hammer.  But it was the Secco side stealing two that came away with the 8-7 win.

Jim Stewart’s team scored five in the third to take a three-point lead over the Clare Coleman side, but Coleman battled back and stole three in the seventh to take the lead. Stewart, with hammer, could only muster a single point to tie the game at eight.

Harvey Handley’s foursome were in tough against the Tom Hall side, but Handley jumped out to and early lead and held on to run the Hall side out of rocks in the eighth for the 7-5 win.