Retirees curling: Brown takes session lead

In Trail Retirees curling action last week, a see-saw battle came down to the last rock.

In Trail Retirees curling action last week, a see-saw battle between team Serge Pasquali and team Murray Walsh, came down to the last rock.

Walsh, down by two, had a chance to pick out a Pasquali stone almost frozen to shot stone.  The front end tried to hold the line, but it over-curled and chipped out both rocks.  Make the final 7 – 6 for Pasquali.

In another tight game, the Frank Jorgensen foursome faced team Clare Coleman.

Team Coleman was up by one without hammer in the eighth.  Needing two for the win, team Jorgensen managed a game winning three for a 7–5 victory.

Tied at 6-6 after six team Dan Horan and team Primo Secco duked it out.  Team Horan scored two in the seventh to give hammer to Secco in eight.

With his last rock, already sitting one, Secco had a draw to the button for the win, but the rock slid too deep, make the final 8–7 Horan.

The high-flying Pat Fennell foursome met the second place Ernie Brown rink.  Stealing two in the second and four in the third, team Fennell threw in the towel after six ends giving Brown the game and the session lead.

Team Harvey Handley was the more consistent curler as the team beat the Brett Rakuson foursome 10–6.

Two four-enders were the difference in the game between Team Tom Hall and team Forrest Drinnan.  A steal of four in the second end by the Hall side, then another four in the fifth to put away the win gave Hall a convincing 12-4 victory.