Serge Pasquali slides out of the hack. Photo: submitted

Serge Pasquali slides out of the hack. Photo: submitted

Retirees curling: McKerracher on a roll

Trail Retirees Curling goes at the Trail Curling Centre every Monday and Wednesday afternoon

(From Dec. 5) Team Cal McKerracher continued their string of hot starts in Trail Retirees Curling action at the TMC.

Up 4-0 after three on team Alvin Caron, the Caron rink halved the lead in the fourth, but that was as close as they would come as McKerracher cruised to a 7–3 win.

Chances flowed like cheap wine between team Serge Pasquali and team Tom Hall. Both teams had promising ends setup, but one shot limited the damage to keep it a low scoring game, despite lots of rocks in play. Call it a 5–5 tie after 8 ends.

Team Dan Horan put up a five spot on team Bruce Noble in the fourth end, thanks to great stone placement by Jim Park playing second for Horan. Noble went full offence in the fifth and sixth ends, but shook hands after the sixth. Make it many for Horan and a few for Noble.

The turning point in the game between team Forrest Drinnan and Murray Walsh came in the third end. With Walsh sitting four scattered across the house, Drinnan had a hit and stick for the single. But the sweepers could not hold the line and it overcurled giving Walsh four. Buoyed by that, Walsh went on to win 12–4.

(From Nov. 30) Trail Retiree Curling action saw Team Dan Horan take an early two point lead, but gave up two in the second and three in the third to team Cal McKerracher.

Horan stormed back with two in the fourth and three in the fifth to regain a two point advantage. McKerracher took three in the sixth, and was sitting five in the sixth end before Horan’s last rock. Horan tried the hit and roll, but rolled too far and gave up four. McKerracher went on to win the game 13–7.

Team Tom Hall got off to a fast start taking four in the first end against team Bruce Noble. Team Noble did not fold their tents and in the eighth end down by three without hammer had a shot to sit four, a long angle raise takeout. On a relatively straight piece of ice the rock curled a bit too much and sailed straight back. Make the final 7 – 4 for Hall.

An unfortunate injury to team Murray Walsh’s second in the second end had both teams playing with three. Team Serge Pasquali threesome were on fire forcing Walsh to difficult low percentage shots. Steals of two in the third and fourth end, as well as a steal of one in the fifth gave them a 6-1 edge. Walsh took one in the sixth and conceded the game.

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