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Retirees Curling: McKerracher singles Walsh into submission

Trail Retirees Curling is played at the Trail Memorial Curling Centre
Lots of rocks in play at Trail Retirees Curling. Photo: Tom Hall

With 12 to 14 rocks in play every end in the game between teams Murray Walsh and Cal McKerracher, only one end had a score of more than one at Trail Retirees Curling.

A three in the second end for McKerracher gave them a two point lead. For the next four ends McKerracher got one behind cover then guarded the heck out of it. The Walsh side always got second shot but after six ends and the score 7–1, team Walsh threw in the towel.

Team Pat Burke ahead 4-3 after four ends, stole singles in the fifth and sixth against team Forrest Drinnan. Down 6-3 and sitting two with last rock, the Drinnan side tried a draw for a third point, but bumped a Burke rock to shot stone. Burke finished with another steal of one in the eighth for the win.

Team Russ Beauchamp’s lead, Brian Volpatti, had an outstanding game setting up every end for his team. Team Serge Pasquali down by two going into the fourth end had one bad shot and gave up a steal of four. Team Pasquali took the next three ends but still trailed going into the eighth. Team Beauchamp took a single and the game with the final score of 8–4.

Team Dave Davidow were up 7-1 against team Tom Hall after three ends looking forward to a short game.

Team Hall scored three in the fourth, one in the fifth, two in the sixth and one in the seventh to take the lead by one. Team Davidow with hammer sitting one close to the button left Hall with a long angle raise double takeout for the win, or a draw to the four foot for the possible tie.

Hall drew to the four-foot three-quarters buried. Davidow had to chip the Hall stone out but his takeout tracked straight and just missed, leading to an unlikely tie at 8.