Retirees Curling: Team Caron takes first quarter

The Trail Retirees curled their last game of the first quarter with six teams in the mix for top spot.

The Trail Retirees curled their last game of the first quarter with six teams in the mix for top spot and the first berth into the end of the year playoff.

With the Caron team holding a one point lead over Secco, and two over Walsh, Hall, Brown and Drinnan, the games had meaning. So with first place on the line, team Alvin Caron grabbed a 5-0 lead in the fourth end against the Forrest Drinnan foursome. Team Drinnan, sitting one at the back of the four foot, attempted to draw for a second around a high guard and a Caron rock in the top of the four foot. With perfect weight the sweepers were unable to keep it from rubbing the Caron rock and raising it to shot. Caron went on to win the game and the quarter.

Team Jim Stewart woes continued as they took on team Clare Coleman. Coleman took three in the first and four in the third end to salt away a 10-2 win in six ends. Cheer up team Stewart, new quarter, new players start Wednesday.

Harvey Handley’s foursome scored five in the first end, but Team Rakuson chipped away with tight guards tapped to shot stones end after end. Left with an angle raise to the four foot team Rakuson came up just short, giving Handley the win.

Team Tom Hall took a 3-1 lead into the third end over team Kevin Oliver. The Hall front end set up the game turning fourth end with well placed rocks that ended with a steal of three. Make the final 9-4 for Hall.

The eight men making up teams Serge Pasquali and Murray Walsh all had an exceptional game. ‘Barn burner’ and ‘Wow’ used to describe the game. In the end it was two steals by team Walsh that made the difference in a 6-5 Walsh victory.

Team Wayne Wyton blasted out of the gate with four in the first end. Team Primo Secco fought back with singles in the next three ends. Wyton took the next three ends to seal a 7-4 victory running Secco out of rocks in the eighth.

Congratulations Team Caron.