Roller derby delivers double header

The West Kootenay Women’s Roller Derby League presents “Sinful De Mayo,” a must-see event that hits Castlegar this Friday.

The bouts between Castlegar’s Dam City Rollers versus Salmo’s Babes of Brutality and Nelson’s Killjoys against Rossland’s Gnarlie’s Angels mark the second double-header for the league, considered the largest in Canada.

Roller derby has caught on fast in the region, which now has seven teams: Salmo’s Babes of Brutality, the Gnarlie’s Angels from Rossland, Castlegar’s Dam City Rollers, Nelson’s Killjoys and Lumber Jackies, Slocan’s Valley Vandettas and the region’s travel team, the Kootenay Cannibelles.

The sport has even appealed to the younger set, with the newly formed West Kootenay Junior Roller Derby.

Last month’s season opener sold out quickly so residents looking to cheer their derby girls on are encouraged to buy tickets in advance.

Beer and coolers will be available at the complex, along with snacks. For those looking to support the West Kootenay league, fan merchandise will also be up for grabs.

And after the exciting double-header wraps up, an after-party will be held at the Element in Castlegar.

Tickets can be picked up in advance at RossVegas in Rossland, Gerick Cycle and Sports in Trail, Mountain High Lighting in Castlegar, West Kootenay Scuba  in Salmo and Phat Angel in Nelson.

The league has four double headers scheduled for the season, plus playoffs and finally a championship bout on Sept. 11.

Come out and support the West Kootenay Women’s Roller Derby League. For up-to-date information follow the league on Facebook.

Doors open at 6 p.m. at the Castlegar Community Complex, with bout time at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door and $2 for kids 10-years-old or under.

For more information on the upcoming bouts or to volunteer, contact the league at


Roller derby is an American-invented sport that’s based on formation roller-skating around an oval track. Points are scored as two players from opposite teams called “jammers” lap members of the opposing teams.

One point is scored per opposition player passed in each lap.

A jammer from each team starts seconds later and several metres behind a pack, made up of four players from both teams. When the whistle is blown, the jammers fight their way through the pack with help from their teammates who act defensively and offensively in the pack – hitting and blocking the other team. Once a jammer makes it through the pack, she can score points by lapping the pack again – with one point scored per opposition player passed in each lap.