Sports ‘n’ Things: Fall Classic delivers

"Things don’t, and won’t ever this season, get easier for the Smoke Eaters."

If you missed game seven of the World Series, you missed probably the most entertaining television of the season. Amazing game, amazing, historic, performance by Madison Bumgarner on the mound for San Francisco during the first game seven win by a visiting team in three and a half decades.

It was an incredible spectacle, and, even though I really, really do not like the Giants, I found myself enjoying the action immensely.


Things don’t, and won’t ever this season, get easier for the Smoke Eaters. After winning five of six, Trail dropped two on the road and return home tonight to start a weekend facing the top two teams in the Interior Division.

Merritt did not start as well as expected, but were highly ranked in the national pre-season polls, have won four of five and sit in second place in the division, behind only the Penticton steamroller  that leads the league by a wide margin – Trail’s Saturday opponent.

The division is so tight, however, that a Smokies win tonight would put them within two points of second place with games in hand on everyone in the interior except Vernon, which hosts Merritt Saturday.

The standings situation is convoluted, but the Smokies’ situation is clear – they must play well, win games and earn points to keep up in the mix. They must be a force in their own rink, especially with a big home stand on the way.

Trail has a good squad, so do the rest of the interior teams. It is going to come down, in the end, to which teams improve more, especially defensively, as the season wears on.

Trail probably should have beaten Penticton in their home opener, so should be competitive with every team in the race.  Woulda, shoulda, coulda will not, however, put points on the standings board.

It is going to be a fun ride, the interior division, especially for Trail over the next two weeks and a bit.


Meanwhile, if you just crave excitement, head out to Beaver Valley. The Nitehawks last five games have been decided by one goal – two in overtime – so excitement is almost guaranteed at the Hawks’ Nest.

Saturday night. It’s Castlegar, so there should be a good crowd.