SPORTS N’ THINGS: Kudos go out to Trail volunteers

"Another epic, fabulously-staged-by-local-volunteers event transpired at Butler Park last weekend."

Another epic, fabulously-staged-by-local-volunteers event transpired at Butler Park last weekend.

The organizers did us proud.

As for the play – it provided everything those who ponied up the minimal ticket prices could have wished.

No doubt Kamloops, whose 32-man roster (which included four former Trail Orioles) was by far the largest in the field, deserved the title, if only just. The Sun Devils defeated the Langley Blaze in two out of three games.

It was by the slimmest of margins, however.  In total, over 29 innings, Kamloops outscored the Blaze by one run (8-7), and the three games between the two were all ultimate nail biters.

It is a tribute to the quality and tenacity of the two top teams involved. Imagine, after 21 innings of play on a hot Trail holiday Monday (weekend on-field temperatures reached 40-plus degrees), the duo was tied in every relevant statistic.

Langley was playing in its fourth game, Kamloops its third, in less than 24 hours when the Sun Devils, pulling off the only comeback in the three-game set between the two, finally prevailed.  Thrilling, intense, and for the organizers, pretty well supported – particularly for an event during, “Laking,” season.

I am thankful this area can still come up with the energy to host such events, and hopeful a little money was raised for the organization. Well done to everyone, including especially the also-ran, out of town, teams that  put in a lot of effort, money and time to attend.

Everything matters for tournaments like this, and barring the admittedly unlikely possibility of a local win, everything worked out extremely well.

Very, very good effort by all concerned and one more credit to the spirit and quality of the Home of Champions.

• Now on to hockey season. The ice is in, skaters are here or heading towards here, and fans are hopeful.

There is a time for every season. I am happy the ball season got extended into August here for a change and am now, as we all should be, looking forward.