SPORTS N’ THINGS: Olympic gold means healthy pay day

"...Muirhead’s failure to become Olympic champion means leaving millions of dollars, or pounds, or euros, on the table."

Well,  the Canadian women just won another gold medal, and one of their iconic players, slowing down but loath to get off the Olympic gravy train, has been co-opted into the IOC.

Ho, Hum.

You have, however, an opportunity to see some intense, meaningful, more or less non-profit, mostly for the love of the game, hockey this weekend.

The Beaver Valley – Nelson game at the Hawks’ Nest Saturday will be for almost all the regular season marbles imaginable.

The winner of that game will finish first in the toughest division, by far, in the KIJHL and may get second overall in the league  – big factors in the playoff round what with the home ice advantage for most, even maybe all, playoff series.

Even if Spokane, which desperately needs the two points to hold off Castlegar for third spot, tops Beaver Valley, the Nitehawks will still be able to take top spot in the Murdoch division with a win over the Leafs.

That second scenario, however, would likely leave the Nitehawks third overall.

So, a lot to play for and a hot time guaranteed for fans in the stands that night.

• Given I understand the Olympics is all about money, it is easy for me to feel badly for Eve Muirhead, the mildly glamorous skip of the Great Britain curling team which won bronze a few hours before this was written.

Like Kelly Law before her, Muirhead’s failure to become Olympic champion means leaving millions of dollars, or pounds, or euros, on the table.

Had she won gold, Muirhead would have been in line for oodles of cash for promotions and appearances – bronze does not have that monetary cachet. There will likely be some financial return to her and her team, but not the golden future the multi-talented Muirhead  was hoping for.

Muirhead is young, and still heavily supported by British sports authorites, so she may get another shot at the gold ring – unlike Law, who has never again quite made it into the spotlight.

The Jennifer Jones rink will see some financial benefits from winning the competition – it is still a Wheaties Box world (and not just for decathletes anymore), but nothing like what awaited the young and pretty Muirhead had she won, or was poised for the beautiful Law, who had power player Bruce Allen all ready to oversee stardom.

Win and you are in (the money) is how the Olympic lottery works. Lose (and anything but gold is a loss to the money mavens) and it is, “wait till next Olympiad.”