SPORTS N’ THINGS: What the ‘hair’ is going on?

"Unkempt hair and shaggy beards are all the rage, it seems, among those who profess to be aware of their, “role model,” status."

Perhaps someone can explain this for me – why is scruffy such an in thing for pro hockey and ball players?

Unkempt hair and shaggy beards are all the rage, it seems, among those who profess to be aware of their, “role model,” status.

I do not recall great players such as Maurice Richard, Gordie Howe, Jean Beliveau Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzkty seeing any need to come to the rink, playoff time or not, in a seemingly unwashed state – although I know and have heard of many whose undergarments were less than pristine during a winning streak – so what happened that prompted modern players, good bad and indifferent, to proudly strut around looking for all the world as if hygiene was the farthest thing from their minds?

And what would ever make them believe they were, “modelling,” anything but bone idle citizenship to their admirers?

In baseball, “get dirty,” was an admonishment to give one’s all despite soil and grass befouling one’s person and uniform.

I never knew anyone to understand it, as many modern players seem to, as, “never be, or appear to be, clean and well-groomed again.”

Some of these guys in the bigs make ZZTop look like models of grooming and decorum.

If it is a way of showing individuality, it is oxymoronic, just as all those hippies in the 60s and 70 dressing in jeans and scruffing around unwashed blended in rather than standing out.

I am all for personal flair when it is attached to excellence, or the pursuit thereof, but, come on, looking as if normal people need to be afraid of head lice or rats droppings isn’t some kind of a fashion statement, its a display of indolence.

Wannabe actually great, spend five minutes looking the part. People, especially young people, should be emulating effort, not slacker hip.


In case you missed it, and many did, it is likely the recent senior men’s baseball tournament at Butler Park showcased the best amateur baseball anywhere in Canada this year.

The second-place Langley Blaze, beaten twice by the champion Kamloops Sun Devils, have just become this year’s national champions (using the entry there gained by winning last season’s tournament – a scheduling thing).

Those two teams were the best of the crop at Butler, but there was more excellence involved than just those two.  Even a shorthanded Trail Orioles squad gave them both a run.

Next time, take my advice and get out to the park.