Super League Curling – Jr. Men on a roll

Jr. Men’s Team Umpherville contined their stellar play against Team Nichol Thursday at the Trail Curling Club

The Kootenay Savings Super League saw the Jr. Men’s Team Umpherville, with Spenser Soukeroff at the helm, continue their stellar play against the Kootenay Zone’s B.C. Senior Men’s curling representative Team Nichol on Thursday at the Trail Curling Club.

Skip Myron Nichol got his team out of the gate quickly jumping out to a 5-0 lead after three ends. Undeterred, Soukeroff led his team back with his own draw for three in the fourth, followed by steals of two in the fifth and sixth ends to lead 7-5. The juniors were looking to steal again in the seventh, before Nichol made a double take-out to score three. Then Soukeroff, staring at three guarded Nichol stones, drew to the pin for one in the eighth to tie the game. Nichol blanked the ninth after Soukeroff made a double kill with his last rock, setting up an exciting 10th, that saw Soukeroff draw around three guards to the top four-foot, that Myron tried to follow, but came up inches short for a 9-8 Team Umpherville win.

Skip Ken Fines kept his team in contention early against Team Horning, with a delicate tap through a port to lay two in the third tying the game. Then after rubbing a guard trying to draw for two, leaving Horning an open hit for three in the fourth, he bounced right with a delicate raise tap off the four foot to lay three with his first stone. After Horning’s last rock hung out, chipping his own out of play, Skip Ken drew to the four foot for a big four-ender and a 6-5 lead. Horning regained the lead with a deuce in the sixth, then stole the seventh, eighth, and ninth ends for an 11-6 win.

Team Castlegar Hyundai, with Rob Nobert back in the skip roll, waged a back and forth affair with Team Ferguson. The teams traded singles in the first two ends, but in the third end, after Nobert’s last rock overcurled and racked on a guard, skip Rob Ferguson had an open draw for three. The game was almost over in the fourth, with Team Ferguson laying five, Skip Nobert, with a lot of help from his sweepers, drew to the eight-foot for his one. Hyundai then stole two in the fifth to tie the game at four.

With the game tied at six, Team Hyundai forced Ferguson to take one in the eighth, followed by a Ferguson steal in the ninth to be two up, coming home without the hammer.  Team Hyundai couldn’t keep it clean, allowing Ferguson to draw to the back of the four-foot to lay one, but Nobert again made a crucial shot, this time following Fergies path with just back ring weight, skinning the guard to tap the shot stone off the four-foot to count two and an exciting 8-8 tie.