Super League curling: Nichol knocks off Horning

On Thursday, the Kootenay Savings Super League saw some super swingy ice, confusing all the teams at times.

On Thursday, the Kootenay Savings Super League saw some super swingy ice, confusing all the teams at times, while creating lots of excitement for the fans watching, as all three games went the 10-end distance.

Team Myron Nichol took down Team Deane Horning for their first loss with some big ends early, Nichol put up three in the first followed by a steal of two in the second, with the front end out-curling the opposition, and not letting Team Horning build any momentum.

Nichol was in full control, leading 8-2 after seven, before Horning broke through with a large four in the eighth, then stole a single in the ninth to be one down coming home without the hammer. But the skip preserved the win with a tough triple take-out in the four foot with his first rock and Horning’s last rock slid too far, giving Nichol a 9-7 win.

Team Castlegar Hyundai and Team Fines threw knock-out punches at each other, scoring in bunches. Team Fines started out of the gate quickly, up 5-1 after three, before skip James MacKenzie made a double take-out in the four foot for a big four. Skip Ken Fines came right back with his own double for four in the fifth, then stole two in the sixth for an 11-5 lead.

But Hyundai blanked the seventh, took three in the eighth, then after Fines racked on a guard in the ninth, stole another three knotting the game up at 11. Momentum stayed in MacKenzie’s favour in the 10th, as a wall of granite prevented Fines from finding the four foot with his last rock, giving Castlegar Hyundai a come from behind 13-11 win.

Trailing 6-4 in the ninth, Jr. Men’s skip Justin Umpherville elected to try a very thin double take-out instead of drawing for the single. The young skip got the first stone, but missed the second allowing the Rob Ferguson rink to steal another point, then run the Junior Mens out of stones in the tenth for a 7-4 win.

Super League resumes play at the Trail Culring Club Thursday at 7 p.m.