Super League Curling: Nichol scores big win over Small

Super League Curling: Nichol scores big win over Small

Kootenay Savings Super League weekly report

Team Myron Nichol continued its strong play in Kootenay Savings Super League curling action, by taking out Team Nathan Small, skipped by Devo Devine on Thursday.

Team Nichol jumped out to a 3-0 lead and never looked back. Up 5-2 in the fifth, Devine’s last rock caught a straight path, giving Team Nichol a steal of two. Team Small was left with a circus shot in the sixth that backfired, providing Team Nichol with a large steal of three, and a 10-2 win to remain atop of the standings after the first half of curling.

Team Darrin Albo and Team Desiree Borsato faced off in another match. Team Albo blanked the first, then hit and stuck for one in the second. Team Borsato had a chance for three in the third, but Skip Des was slightly heavy on her last rock draw, ticking off one of her own rocks, and settling for only one. Team Borsato stole two in the fifth and forced Albo to take one in the sixth. Then a perfect hit and roll behind cover on Skip Desiree’s first rock led to an open draw to the four-foot for two in the seventh on the way to a 6-2 win.

Team Ken Fines and Team Les Lepine played a close back and forth affair. Team Lepine took an early 3-2 lead with a draw for two in the fifth. Staring at four opposition stones, Skip Fines drew to the 4-foot for one in the fifth, then followed with an excellent hack weight hit and roll behind a wall of granite to steal the seventh and be one up coming home without. Team Fines fiercely guarded an early rock that Team Lepine just couldn’t get to for another steal of one, and a hard fought 5-3 Fines win.

It was a game of missed opportunities between Team Nando Salviulo and Team Brian LeMoel. Team LeMoel forced Salviulo to one in the first, then LeMoel came up light in the second, settling for a single. In the third end, Salviulo had an open hit for two, but rolled out, settling for a single. Skip LeMoel was light on his last rock draw in the fourth for three, settling for a deuce. Facing 3 opposition stones, Skip Nando attempted a hit-and-roll off the top twelve foot for one, unfortunately it over-curled, crashing onto a guard, and causing a chain reaction that resulted in another LeMoel stone being promoted for a momentum changing steal of four. Again facing three with his last rock, Skip Nando tried to draw to the edge of the button, but just ticked off the shot rock for a LeMoel steal of one, and a handshaking 8-2 Team LeMoel win.

It was a defensive battle between Team Bill van Yzerloo and Team McKenzie Remax, skipped by Deane Horning. Horning was helped out by the Susan and James McKenzie duo, who ran four double take-outs throughout the game. Horning was forced to draw for one in the first, followed by van Yzerloo hit and stick for one in the second. Horning’s last rock draw through a tight port, picked in the third, for a Team van Yzerloo steal of two. Horning chose to blank the fourth, then was forced to execute a light weight come-around tap for one in the fifth. van Yzerloo had three rocks around the four-foot in the sixth, but none of them were closer to the button than lead Nicole Horning’s early rock, as Team Remax tied the game at 3-3.

Skip van Yzerloo tried a difficult cross ice double for two, but got too much of the first rock, settling for a single point, but made a perfect hit-and-roll behind cover in the eighth, setting the stage for Skip Horning’s draw to the four-foot, to tie the game at four-all.