Super League Curling: Nichol vs Nichol

It’s not exactly Kramer vs Kramer, but, all the same, marital bliss withstood a vigorous test this past week.

It’s not exactly Kramer vs Kramer, but, all the same, marital bliss withstood a vigorous test this past week in Kootenay Savings Super League action at the Trail Curling Club.

The night saw only one game go the distance and it was Heather Nichol’s team facing husband Myron Nichol’s foursome in a compelling couples tilt.

Skip Myron had the men leading early, scoring two with the hammer in the first and a steal of two in the second. Heather’s third, Lori Karn, executed a perfect hit-and-roll behind cover in the third to set up a three for the ladies, then a steal of one tied the game at 4-4 after four ends. Myron blanked the fifth, and was forced to score one in the sixth, before stealing single points in the seventh, eighth and ninth ends to give the men some breathing room. Down four coming home, Heather Nichol couldn’t generate guards, settling for a draw to the four-foot with her last rock, and an 8-5 Myron Nichol win.

Team VanYzerloo had Team Fines behind the eight-ball right out of the gate, catching onto the swinging ice to steal the first three ends. Skip Ken Fines made a clutch draw in the fourth and stole two in the fifth to cut the lead to 8-3. VanYzerloo came right back with two in the sixth leading to an 11-4 thrashing.

Team Albo played one of their best games of the year, with constant pressure against Team Umpherville, scoring deuces in the first, second and fourth ends for an early 6-1 advantage. After blanking the fifth, Skip Justin watched his last rock in the sixth slide too far for another Albo steal. After trading singles in the next two ends, Umpherville shook hands on an 8-2 Albo victory. After stealing singles in the first two ends, Team Corvus Construction lost their intensity for an end, and Team Beauchamp jumped all over it, putting up a big four in the third. Skip Horning got his team to regain their focus, answering with a large four of their own to lead 6-4 after four.

With his team down three in the seventh, Skip Russ Beauchamp ramped up his usual aggressive play calling, only to see his last rock double attempt pick, giving Corvus Construction a steal of two, and a 10-6 win after eight to remain unbeaten.